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I am currently making much needed changes to this website and this will include posting many more Blogs with regards to the gear that I use, which hopefully you find interesting.

At the moment my pedal board consists of BOSS, Behringer and Joyo pedals, which have been chosen by me after years of trying out many various different types and brands of Guitar pedals and combinations along the way, and I am finally now totally happy with the sounds/tones that those pedals provide for me.

Bear in mind that these might not be the ideal pedals for you, and I suggest that you try out as many as you can before you go ahead and buy the ones that you require to suit your own personal taste, but I thought I would let you have some "Inside information" on what personally makes me "Tick" with regards to pedal sounds/tones.

This particular Blog is to highlight my line of JOYO pedals which is a company making great value equipment right here in the UK, and which in my opinion are the best Noise Gate / Drive / Delay and Chorus pedals that I have ever used, and which work wonderfully for me in conjunction with the other pedals on my maybe just try them out and let me know what you think, I am sure you will be very pleasantly surprised.

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