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Fender Champion 100 Combo

As you may already know, I am often swapping my gear around to keep up with my current requirements, and this week will be no different as I am expecting the arrival of a Fender Champion 100 Combo Guitar Amplifier, which will compliment my Fender Stratocasters and Telecasters perfectly. KABOOOOOM !

The Studio is Clear

The Studio has had a grand tidy up today and is ready for the onslaught of the Students at Eastcoast Music in Hornchurch tomorrow, and that Fender seat is the most comfortable seat I have ever sat on and I could sit on it for hours, which is fortunate as that is what I will be doing for most of the time that I spend at Eastcoast.

'FRANKIE' the Fender Squier '98 Strat

Frankie the Fender Squier '98 Strat has been causing quite a stir lately with a sound from those pick up's sounding much like a Roaring Lion who has not eaten for some time...He's a hard "Guy" to put down and needs constant taming,...I think I will need a Cage for this one !


Ol' Smokey and Honey are two of my Epiphone Les Paul's and have been very busy of late both at home and out and about visiting the Students, who absolutely Love them. It's a shame they can't get to hear them at their full capacity through the Marshall MG100....or maybe they will,..Stay tuned !

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