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Hi Guys…and welcome back to Biscuit’s Bass Business. In previous issues, I have identified some of the more basic but essential aspects of what it takes to become a working Bass player, and I will be continuing along those lines as we go, but before you even strap on that Bass of yours and attempt to begin your journey down the road to becoming a pro, remember that as well as the tools of your trade, your closest ally will be your resilience, a strong work ethic together with a good head for business, so be prepared…this is no easy “ride” We are all aware of the current state of the worldwide economy problems these days, and the music industry as a whole has been suffering as a result of tha


Hi Guys…Welcome back to Biscuit’s Bass Business. So just what does it take to become a Professional Bass player, and just how do you go about establishing yourself, and earn a living as a working musician. Firstly…Let us assume that you have now learned hundreds of songs, and have polished up your “Chops” and fingering positions on the fret board, and that you have also gained a good grasp of Music notation and a knowledge of Bass Tablature.


FROM MY COLUMN INSIDE BASS GUITAR MAGAZINE….”BISCUIT’S BASS BUSINESS” (1) I would like to wish you all a very warm welcome to my new column “Biscuit’s Bass Business” where I will be covering topics that will hopefully assist those of you wishing to graduate to becoming a professional Bass player in the music industry.In the first few columns I will be aiming mainly at the less experienced Bass “Bashers” among you, and then catch up with you “Longer termers” very soon, so please bear with me, all will be revealed. I am a great believer in the old saying…“If you want something bad enough”, So with that in mind, let’s get down to Business. In order to turn your Bass playing “Hobby” into a Busin

Teacher and Student

So...You have decided to take up learning a musical instrument, and have now found the music teacher to show you the way forward. Well done for taking that first step of many on your journey to fulfilling that dream of being able to create music on the instrument of your choice. Choosing your teacher is one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your pursuit of musical progression, so make sure you have chosen wisely. Be careful though, as although the person you have chosen to guide you may very well be an excellent musician, and might on the outset seem like great person to learn from, this does not always necessarily make them a great teacher. There are many more things to


As you will see, the New Blogs have begun in earnest, so please feel free to contact me with your thoughts on any of the Topics that you will find here. I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts and idea's, and keep an eye out, as I will be updating this website and the Blogs within on a regular basis.

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