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I am very proud to announce that Xvive have now added me to their official Artist's page,'s what they had to say. PS.... As well as using the Xvive U2 wireless system I am also looking to using pedals from their vast range of products during 2018, it's going to be an Xviveing year.


Hi Guys With regards to my recent blog, I am now very happy and proud to announce that I have been added as an official endorsing artist for Xvive... I use the Xvive U2 wireless system which is a fantastic addition to my Musical arsenal and the build and sound quality are second to none as well as it being very light and durable too with a battery life of around 5 hours before a recharge is required. The Xvive U2 is equal in quality of sound through my amps as any top level cable and it allows me free to roam free Live on stage or in a rehearsal situation without the worry of getting tangled up with my own lead cable. My Xvive U2 has become a constant comp


I have some great news coming up with regards to a new Artist endorsement deal. This company is relatively new but have an absolutely Amazing product which I have already tried out in a Live situation and it is Astounding in it's functionality, durability and performance. More to follow very soon X.

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