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I have now been joined by a New "Lady" Carley She is a brand new 2020 Fender Squier FSR (Fender Special Run) HSS model. .................................................................................................................................... Squier’s Affinity line-up represents the most accessible way to play a genuine Fender-inspired guitar. Perfect for beginner musicians, these limited edition instruments are the real deal straight off the bat - and something you don't come across all too often! The FSR Affinity Strat is a distillation of the timeless S-style design. This particular model has a more unusual set of humbucker and two single coil pickups, as well as 5-way switching


As you may have noticed, I have a great passion for Joyo Guitar pedals, and have heard Rave reviews about the "Atmosphere" Reverb.So with all that information on board and a few You Tube searches, I just had to add one to my pedal board that I run primarily through my Marshall MG Range of Amps and also my Fender Champion's.My Main board will be totally complete after adding this beauty, and it will sit proudly alongside my Joyo Delay, Chorus and Ultimate Drive pedals, together with some BOSS pedals too...of course.I will let you know how they all work in conjuction with each other soo.....Updates on all this to come.


I am currently experimenting with a Roland CUBE 80GX, which I managed to purchase brand new, and I have to say that I am Mightily impressed.This Combo is quite extraordinary with regards to the on board effects, from clean to Extreme Distortion,.. all of which I have to say are easy to configure and are super clear and precise, and deliver sounds that you would more associate with some of the more expensive individual pedals of various Top brands that are out on the market.This Amp/Combo kicks out a Serious 80 watts of power through a 12'' inch speaker, and the unit is built like a "Tank" ... it's Super Tough and weighs in at an easily manageable 15 lbs and can pump out more than enough pow

Roland GX Micro CUBE

For all of my online video Guitar lessons I am currently using a Roland GX Micro CUBE, which I have found to be one of the best small amps I have ever used. This tiny Modelling Amp/Combo weighs in at just 6lbs (under half a stone) and is built like a Tank, and incorporates pretty much most of the sounds within it that you would usually have to lay out a ton of extra money for on seperate pedals. Don't be put off buy it's size, 23cm x 22cm x 17cm, with a 5 inch speaker, as despite this being described as just a 3 Watt amp, this is definately a "Wolf in Sheep's clothing" for sure, and will give you all the power you will need at home for practicing both Clean and Dirty sounds. These are now a

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