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Rosie has had a 'Makeover' and now has a Cream Gleam. New Toggle switch plate and Tip, scratch plate, Pick up surrounds, 2 rear cavity plates and a set of 10 gauge D'Addario strings. She is looking and sounding Fabulous.


I just wanted to say a very big Thank You to all of my Student's for their hard work so far during 2018 and that they should all be very proud of them selves. They all keep me continuously busy and make my job an absolute pleasure. Not a single one of them has let me down this year, and they are all working hard towards achieveing their own individual goals...and succeeding. More and more people are wanting to join me recently too, and Student Places are at a premium these days, so it is important for everyone to keep up the good work and retain their spot in my Team with their continuous efforts. Remember....there is no "Magic Wand" and you are only as good as the amount of time you put in

Who's the BOSS

These are my current BOSS Pedals which are addd to my other smaller Donner pedals, which also run along side a Dunlop 535Q Wah and a BOSS VF-50 Volume pedal. There will be a picture update of the full Pedal set up coming soon, but I just wanted to show you who's BOSS ! Right to Left.... TU-2 / CS-3 / OS-2 / DD-7 / RC-3 Wishing you all a wonderful Rockin' week. Gary


Here are the Electric Guitars which I use either with regards to Teaching, recording, or just generally jammin' around with for my own amusement. Every Guitar tone possible can be gained by using a combination of this line up. So for your viewing pleasure, I give you......................................... Zola, Angel, Steph, Rosie, Alice, Zakk, Ozzy and Zoltan. If you have any questions about any of the above Guitars, just drop me a message. Have yourselves a Rockin' weekend. Gary.


I managed to aquire this fabulous Marshall G30R CD Guitar Combo last week which is now sadly discontinued. Considering the size and power rating this is an absolutely Amazing Combo, and although it might not quite have the power for a full Live pub or club gig, it is more than capable of pumping the walls of your living room for home practice and has the capacity of moving the neighbours out should you require..(Not that I condone this of course) If you only ever own one Guitar amp or Combo in your life, make it a Marshall. I had the privilege of meeting the great Jim Marshall personally some years ago and he was one of the nicest human beings I have ever met. A Top Quality man who made Top


Hi Guys and Girls I administered a bit of a TLC to all my six string electric Guitars today and took a quick shot to show you them all after their polish and string clean with D'Addario XLR8. Here are....Zola, Angel, Steph, Rosie, Alice, Zakk, Ozzy and Zoltan I would suggest that you use 10 gauge strings on your Gibson style Guitars and 9's on your Fender style Guitars. This is not something that is "carved in stone" but will help you initially if you are a beginner,'s all to do with scale length. Feel free to ask me any questions with regards to this before spending your hard earned cash on any strings. Wishing you all a great weekend, and keep up the practicing...Every day. Catch yer

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