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I am currently experimenting with a Roland CUBE 80GX, which I managed to purchase brand new, and I have to say that I am Mightily impressed.This Combo is quite extraordinary with regards to the on board effects, from clean to Extreme Distortion,.. all of which I have to say are easy to configure and are super clear and precise, and deliver sounds that you would more associate with some of the more expensive individual pedals of various Top brands that are out on the market.This Amp/Combo kicks out a Serious 80 watts of power through a 12'' inch speaker, and the unit is built like a "Tank" ... it's Super Tough and weighs in at an easily manageable 15 lbs and can pump out more than enough power for any given situation.Unfortunately these Combo's have been discontinued, but if you have some spare cash and the time to hunt one of these "Monsters" out, I could not recommend this unit highly enough....go and grab one quick before they become "Extinct"

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