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Hi Everyone

It has been quite some considerable time since I have posted a Blog here on my website, but I am back now to update and keep on Top of everything once again.

As you will all know, due to the current "Lockdown" with regards to the Cororna Virus issues, It has become obvious that I have been unable to conduct my Guitar and Bass lessons in the usual fashion..i.e. Face to Face in my Studio or your home.

Therefore I have been carrying out lesson as normally as I can via Online lessons using ZOOM.

Thanks to the kindness and massive support of those existing Students who were able to continue their lessons via this route, things have been able to continue in a very positive and successful way and their efforts enabling me to keep business running is very much appreciated indeed.

Any additional Student's who would like to join me via the Zoom lessons for their Guitar and Bass lessons are more than welcome.

The price per online video lessons remains the same, as an equal amount of pre and post preperation work is still required, as well as my actual time spent online conducting the lesson, and I am sure that you will appreciate that what you are actually paying for is 30 years experience, and not just an hour or half hour lesson.

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